Perfortics Consulting is a diagnostics-based, multi-disciplinary consulting company that uses very senior advisors to help organizations achieve and maintain world-class performance.

Perfortics works with clients from the initial concept, through project development, to final implementation. Using strategic and cost-benefit analyses, Perfortics consultants lay the foundations of solutions that meet the structural and financial challenges organizations face today. We help clients build strong program and project teams, resolve team conflicts and establish consensus. We ask the questions that delineate the scope of each project, and help set budgets and schedules. Perfortics consultants help clients develop and submit convincing business cases, and effective strategies and solutions.

We will:
Help you assess your strategy and readiness,
Assist in set-up and development of program and project management,
Train and mentor your program and project management team,
Audit and assess your results on an on-going basis
Provide extra hands (and brains) when the pressure is on
Take on entire projects to free your staff for other duties


    Perfortics - The consultants who: D-iagnose

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