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  Perfortics Consulting brings together a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants covering a wide range of skills and knowledge areas and focussed on providing useful, actionable results for clients in the private and public sectors.
  Perfortics Consulting Team Overview


Dorothy Milburn-Smith, Partner, CEO
Dorothy Milburn-Smith is a Certified Management Consultant and Information Systems Professional who has a multi-disciplinary background. Over 30 years of practical experience Dorothy has demonstrated her expertise as an organizational problem-solver with excellent consulting, diagnostic, analytical, facilitation and communications skills. She combines organizational change and management development skills with in-depth information technology and systems expertise. She has advised public and private sector clients on management concepts, plans, and practices; conducted reviews and audits that have resulted in actionable and focused recommendations; reengineered organizations in both the private and public sectors; managed organizations in transition; developed and implemented plans for information technology and information management infrastructure; and acted as a change agent and facilitator for organizations embarking on organizational and technological change.

Gavin McLintock, Partner
Gavin McLintock, P.Eng., PCIP, is a consultant and entrepreneur with a multi-disciplinary background and over 30 years of broad practical experience covering business, consulting, technology and media development. Gavin is visionary, a strategic thinker, a versatile problem solver and life-long learner who takes responsibility for providing practical solutions to his clients’ problems. As an entrepreneur he has led or participated in the creation of several companies. As a consultant he has led or personally carried out dozens of projects covering: management, information technology, product management, preparation of proposals, business cases, business plans and marketing plans, technology and product development. Consulting projects have been carried out for large and small companies and non-governmental organizations as well as for many Canadian Government Departments. Gavin is a skilled communicator with more than 25 technical papers, magazine articles and conference presentations and several radio and television appearances to his credit. He has two patents in each of the U.S. and Canada.

Stuart E. Syme, Senior Associate
Mr. Syme, is a management consultant with over 25 years experience in the private, public and military sectors with notable successes and particular strengths in continuity planning, process analysis, reengineering, change management, training development, training evaluation, model development, project management, quality assurance, program evaluation, applied technology and integration management. He is a former Lieutenant-Colonel in the Canadian Forces who has been recognized for his ability to develop and integrate high performance teams, to communicate understanding and negotiate successfully, and to coordinate diverse activities to a common mission. He has a reputation for getting things done under budget and on time. Mr. Syme has prepared and delivered presentations and training to audiences at all levels in numbers ranging from 3 to 300 over the past three decades. He has prepared and delivered training, supervised other instructors, managed training schools, developed and evaluated training programs, and trained trainers.


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